Sunday, May 3, 2015

Healthy Snacks for Work (Daily Recommendations 8)

1. Organic Dried Mango by Peeled Snacks

Just mangos; nothing else. They're pure, sweet and so good to snack on--especially for work.

Find them at Much-Ado-About-Mango.

Find them here.
2. Eat Well Embrace Life White Bean Hummus

This fantastic white bean hummus combines wholesome pine nuts and savory herbs. It's fiber- and protein-rich, and makes an excellent dip for pretzels, veggies and pita.

Find out more about this product at Eat Well Embrace Life White Bean Hummus.

3. Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus with Pretzel

For healthy snacks for work, single-serving packaged snacks like the Sabra hummus-and-pretzel combo below are ideal. This hummus-pretzel combo is easy and neat--great for a desk-side treat. If you feel that snacking on anything with roasted garlic at work is inappropriate, Sabra single-serving hummus-and-pretzels offer milder flavors too.

4. WOW Snickerdoodle Wheat and Gluten Free Cookies

These cookies are gourmet-tasting and gluten-free. Coming in a tightly-packed snack bag, they're also great for work. Find them at WOW Snickerdoodle Cookies

Find these delicious treats at WOW Snickerdoole Cookies.
5. Justin's Classic All Natural Almond Butter

All natural nut butter are great complements to crackers and bread. Justin's nut butter--and especially the brand's almond butter--is creamy and mouthwatering. You can purchase Justin's nut butter in a jar, but they also come in individual packages. Spread them over whole wheat crackers, apple slices or banana, they will make awesome healthy snacks for work.

Find Justin's Classic Almond butter here, and maple-flavored almond butter here.
6. Roasted Salted Green Peas

These are a little crunchy and a little salty, with slight sweetness of green peas. They're delicious as healthy snacks, and not too messy for work. 

7. Fruit Bowl with Oranges, Grapes and Cantaloupe

The mixture of oranges, grapes and cantaloupe creates a citrus-y sweet combo. Nice ideas for work.

8. Cucumber Slices

Cucumber slices are light, crispy, low in calories and have no fat. They're easy to pack, clean to eat and refreshing to eat. Prepare them the night before, and bring them to work for a healthy snack break.

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